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In order to make the world more bright, the earth cleaner, we are moving forward

1、Product - green, energy saving, high efficiency, winning the future by quality, to preempt the market price

2、Employees-Has dedicated, sincere service, details and service with a smile, everything for the customer

3、After-sales - as long as you provide effective evidence, can be absolutely claims

4、Policy- Reasonable and humanized management policy, give customers maximize the benefits


1、meeting - National dealer congress and product launch, once a year, headquarters senior leaders lead dealers feeling sunshine group's corporate culture, to visit the sunshine factory advanced assembly line, the exhibition hall, the characteristics of the interpretation of the sunshine policy, new product advantages, the scene to solve the problem.

2、Regional meeting-Organized by the provincial logistics business, every six months or once a year, headquarters leadership, senior trainer to assist logistics ShangXuan penetration sunshine company policy, product introduction, organization the manager and the salesman training, etc.

3、On-site customer call - Headquarters leadership, product manager, regional manager didn't come to visit customers regularly, understand the situation, one on one to solve the problem

Product sales outlets all over the world, and has been in the domestic set up more than 2000 monopoly stores, sales network all over the country.

Regional manager and the salesman close contact with headquarter, the use of company resources , to guide dealers set up shop, assist in the product sales, and after-sales problems in a timely manner.

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The service personnel of customers put forward any doubt, sunshine can give you a reply within 24 hours and implement (except holidays).

We constantly improve and enhance their own management, your advice is the source of our precious wealth and power.

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